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Maurizio Di Iorio
Bobby Doherty

I find the transition between Stephen shore’s early 70’s work & the later stuff very interesting so i’ve decided to follow last weeks post with Aperture publication “Uncommon Places" By Stephen Shore. Here he trades his small Rollei in for a view camera and spends 6 more years traversing the American landscape. The attention to detail is amazing & undoubtably excels due to the slower & more deliberate pace of shooting with an 8x10. Each spread has a descriptive quality that results in these 30 some year old pictures looking very fresh, not at all dated. Throughout the book┬áthere is also an underlying humour that I think is evident of American culture as well as Shores work in the 70’s.

Eric Ruby
Steven Brahms

Los Jones killin it


Julie Blackmon, via Wouter Van de Voorde.

Wouter & Gyroscope been killin it 

Philip-Lorca diCorcia, via Wouter Van de Voorde.
scott conarroe
Joel Meyerowitz

Moss tree, Slovenia.
January 2014

New vinyl stickers

JANETRASH printed some vinyl stickers. Probably print some shirts soon enough. 
Young Braised came through a couple weeks ago & put on a great show. I made a picture of his tape afterwards. it is rad, go listen to it.