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Day 2, Part 2: Yellowstone, Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring. 

Rad stuff from Nigel

Amiko Li
Michael Jang

All right, so this week is 2008 Hamburger eyes publication “The Continuing Story of Life on Earth” featuring black & white images by a variety of photographers, most of which are hilarious documents of everyday life. The book is concluded with a few series from photographers Michael Jang, Tobin Yelland and & Ricky Adam. My favourite being Jang’s short set “Most Beautiful Apes” which seems to document San Francisco in the 1980’s. Celebrity portraits mixed with everyday oddities this series exemplifies the book perfectly as a look into a weird world seen by few. This book and really hamburger eyes as a whole is an antithesis to boring, urging the reader to get out, have fun and see weird shit. 

Nobuyoshi Araki
lindsey filowitz
Aaron Wynia 



Dear Tumblr friends,
I love ya. Everyone posting new work makes me happy. These are a few photos I have been thinking about repeatedly. 

Big ups to Tammy Mercure for the shout out! Her work is consistently  amazing and hilarious, check it out for sure.

Tammy Mercure
Charlie Engman
Kevin Tadge


Slept on this for awhile but it be the hotness for sure

(Source: hip-hop-lifestyle, via hip-hop-lifestyle)

Brad Mcmurray
Missy Prince